New Research Paper Published in NAR!

Nol12 is a multifunctional RNA binding protein at the nexus of RNA and DNA metabolism

Nol12 is a multifunctional RBP with roles in RNA metabolism and genome maintenance, found in different subcellular compartments—nucleoli, where it associates with ribosomal RNA and is required for efficient separation of large and small subunit precursors at site 2; the nucleoplasm, where it co-localizes with the RNA/DNA helicase Dhx9 and paraspeckles; as well as GW/P-bodies in the cytoplasm. Loss of Nol12 results in the inability of cells to recover from DNA stress and a rapid p53-independent ATR-Chk1-mediated apoptotic response. Nol12 co-localizes with DNA repair proteins in vivo including Dhx9, as well as with TOPBP1 at sites of replication stalls, suggesting a role for Nol12 in the resolution of DNA stress and maintenance of genome integrity. Identification of a complex Nol12 interactome, which includes NONO, Dhx9, DNA-PK, and Stau1, further supports the protein’s diverse functions in RNA metabolism and DNA maintenance, establishing Nol12 as a multifunctional RBP essential for genome integrity.

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