Undergraduate students/Interns (next available position 2024)

The lab accepts one summer student/intern per year. Students should have a competitive GPA (>3.8) and be highly motivated. For summer positions, please apply with a CV and transcripts at the beginning of December to still be able to submit funding applications for summer positions.

Graduate students (for 2024)

The lab is looking for a highly-motivated M.Sc. or Ph.D. student for 2024, with an interest in RNA biology and proteomics to work on different aspects of RNA metabolism, RNP architecture and function, studying single RNP proteomes and folding.

Students should have a high GPA (>3.8) and, ideally, experience in basic laboratory techniques (e.g., cloning and DNA gel electrophoresis; yeast, bacterial or mammalian cell culture; western blotting; etc.). Applications should include a letter of motivation, CV, most recent transcripts and either letters or contacts of reference.

Post-doctoral Researchers

The lab is looking for postdocs with interests in RNA biology, ALS and/or neurodegenerative disease, and/or experience in proteomics and data analysis. Candidates would have to bring their own funding, i.e., fellowship.