RBPs & genome integrity

More one more RNA binding proteins (RBPs) have been identified that appear to function in DNA damage pathways. Two such proteins we have studied are DDX54 and Nol12. Nol12 is a highly conserved RBP with putative nuclease function. It has been identified in mice (Nop25), flies (viriato), and yeast (Rrp17) as a protein involved in ribosome biogenesis. Deletion of Nol12, however, also induces DNA damage pathways via ATR signaling, suggesting Nol12 also plays an important role in DNA metabolism. We also identified Nol12 as a component of P (processing)-bodies and paraspeckles, and our lab is currently interested in elucidating the multiple roles of Nol12 in human cells. Understanding the role of Nol12 in genome integrity will provide us with new insights about the multiple roles RBPs play in maintaining cell homeostasis.

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