Ribosome Biogenesis & Specialized Ribosomes


Ribosomal RNA comprises the catalytic component of ribosomes, and correct modification, processing, and assembly with its protein components are all crucial for its function. Incorrect modification, processing, and assembly has been linked to defects in cell growth and division in yeast cells, but also to a number of hematopoietic diseases and cancers in humans and mice. Despite the identification of a large number of proteins involved in ribosome maturation, little is known about how their assembly and interplay is managed, or about the control mechanisms that direct the order of ribosome maturation events in living cells. Our objective is to determine the temporal and spatial assembly and coordination of ribosome maturation factors, as well as identify the underlying control mechanisms that drive ribosome biogenesis. We are particularly interested in the uncovering of parallel maturation pathways and the role of specialized ribosomes both in yeast and human cells/tissues.

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